Participant Experience

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Our mission is to empower you for success by providing a comprehensive, market-driven learning experience. With talented instructors and dedicated TAs, Johns Hopkins Engineering Boot Camps teach you a wide range of new skills in a supportive environment that combines live virtual classes with real-world project work.

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Flexible Schedule

We know that in today’s busy world, it’s important to have options. Johns Hopkins Engineering Boot Camps give you the flexibility of a part-time schedule, allowing you to further your education without leaving your job. Learn more about our class schedule.

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Constant Communication

Two-way communication is invaluable. We make ourselves available to participants through multiple channels, including email, phone, office hours, and a dedicated Slack channel. This helps us provide assistance when and where individuals need it most and allows for feedback and engagement with instructors and classmates. Learn about participant support.

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Peer Interaction

Mastering a new trade is tough enough as it is, that’s why our programs feature live instruction and peer interaction. This allows participants to collaborate on projects and assignments, and ask questions as they happen. Take a closer look at the classroom experience.

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Career Support

Our team makes it their mission to help individuals achieve their goals. With access to Johns Hopkins Engineering Boot Camps’ career services, participants receive job support including coaching, homework and resume reviews, technical interview training, and more. Explore career services.

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Rewarding Outcomes

At Johns Hopkins Engineering Boot Camps, you get out of it what you put in. We could not be more proud of our alumni and what they’ve achieved through their hard work. Our instructors deliver the knowledge, and career services help to equip participants for the job hunt, but it’s the commitment and tenacity of each individual that get them to their dream job. Explore testimonials.

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